Frequently Asked Questions


What is your base (lowest) price for a portrait session?

A portrait session (two hours) starts at $250.00 and pricing will range depending on your desired additions like coverage or photo books and prints.


What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography involves creating intimate and romantic photos of yourself. Boudoir is a french term that refers to a bedroom, which is normally the setting for these images. Many have photos done for themselves. Many also give the gift of boudoir images to their partners for anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays such as Valentine's Day. My clients have always left the photo shoot feeling more confident and many say it is a liberating experience. 


What is the minimum age you photograph for boudoir? 

All persons involved must be strictly above eighteen years of age.


I'm nervous, what is it like?

It is normal for most people to feel nervous before any shoot! It is my job to make sure you're in a professional  environment and are comfortable throughout the shoot. Most people are nervous about posing, but I will completely direct you. By the end of the session everyone says how much fun they had and how much more comfortable it was than they thought it would be. 


Can I bring a friend?

You are more than welcome to bring a friend for support. However they cannot take photos during the session.


Who will photograph my session?

All boudoir sessions are photographed by myself exclusively and no one else will be present in the shooting area unless you have brought them in for your own preference or for larger shoots my trusted second shooter/assistant Nina will be present.


How do I prepare for the session? 

Bring outfits that you like and make you feel good, confidence shows in the images! Iron and use hangers to bring outfits that can wrinkle. Wear lose fitting clothing and undergarments when you arrive so that you don't have red marks on your skin.

Bring as much as you can carry! You may want to bring something that belongs to your significant other such as a sports jersey, button-down shirt, a tie, hat, etc.  

Ladies should bring night gowns, bra-and-panty sets, miniskirts, bikinis, thigh high stockings, garter belts, dresses, corsets, heels, jewelry, and I always request you bring a strapless bra.

Wear the outfit you feel most comfortable in first.


Do you supply clothing?

Lingerie is not supplied although we d have a small selection of accessories you can borrow.


Should I bring props?

Of course! You could bring props relating to your partner's profession or personal interests as you please.


Do you touch up the photos?

Yes. Oddly enough, the camera can exaggerate blemishes that aren't noticed by the human eye. I try to aim for a natural look that reflects the way you appear in real life. However, I can do more substantial editing upon request.


How long will I wait to see my photos?

The average time required is around 2 weeks, but it can be variable depending on my schedule and the volume of pictures. I will make every effort possible to keep you posted.


Do you do nude maternity photographs?

Yes, you can schedule for artistic maternity portraits by booking a regular boudoir shoot and letting me know.


Can I be photographed with my significant other?

It is common for couple to want intimate photos together! An additional fee applies for these types of shoots. Please contact myself for more details.


Will you post my images online? What do you do with my photos after our transaction?

I respect the privacy of my clients and I only display images of clients that have given their approval via model release. With previous clients I have deleted all photos from my hard drive upon request, however normally these photos would go in an archive on an external hard drive in my safe if ever the client loses their flash drive including the images, or if the client would like more prints after the fact. 


Can I order professional prints from you?

Yes! My computer screen is calibrated to my lab's printer so your photos will look the exact same printed as when you first see them.


Can I have a copy of the raw files?

Not unless previously arranged. An unedited photo is like a sketch before a final piece of art, and as an artist I am uncomfortable sharing the unfinished product. 









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