Adjective. Strange, unusual, rare; unfamiliar; marvellous, wondrous.

Selcouth traces 20 individuals who are active members of the metal community at large in Winnipeg, representing many subgenres, roles, personalities and backgrounds, while still remaining just a small snapshot of the much larger metal family in our city. More than just contradicting stereotypes, Selcouth looks to explore the individual people who make up and help create the metal scene to which they belong, and discover who they are as a person, their journey into the scene, and what surprisingly common threads tie each person together in a "scary" subculture that relies on community, cooperation and support to keep itself together.

Each interviewee was asked not just about their own journey, musically and emotionally, but of those who helped shape them, and those who they may shape as well. The parents, and even the children of many of the subjects were brought in for the portraits, backlit in a warm yellow to better fit the tone of the series, and contrast the impression most people may already have of the subculture, and it's members. Selcouth goes beyond the specifics of its subjects, and touches on the broader themes of humanization, the lineage of the culture, the creation of community, and the pathways and origins that usher artistic minds into creation, bound to a common interest.

Jennifer Norris Wuckert


Norsemara, Yer Mum, Guilt Trip, Katie Lynn & Her Pack Of Wolves


    Jennifer grew up in multiple dance classes for twenty years. She enjoyed entering car shows, and spending time with her Grandma, Ruth Norris.


    Jennifer’s grandmother was part of the Canadian air force and taught her strong important family values. Ruth was a musician as well, she played the piano and loved to watch Jennifer play the tuba when she started playing in jazz band. Jennifer soon after switched to bass in band class at the age of 14.

Chuck Labossiere


Psychotic Gardening, Votov, Eyam


    Growing up Chuck had an energetic mind. When he wasn’t busy building with his hands he was fantasizing about alternate universes and realities. As a kid Chuck and his family enjoyed spending time outside camping, swimming and bicycling. Although Chucks mother, Susan, and father, Roland, were not musicians they were well known dancers in the community.


    After falling in love with numerous stringed instruments he heard on the radio Chuck bought his first guitar at the age of 13 from a neighbor for $3. The guitar came in pieces but he saw that as a new project to be built with his own hands.

Jason Gray


Bears With Technology


    From a very early age Jason found enthusiasm in expressing himself with his own voice. Whether it was Michael Jackson or Garth Brooks, Jason was right there singing along. Jason loves to cook with his mom, Diane and listening to rock & roll with his father, Brian.


    Although he fell into playing bass because no one else wanted to, Jason was always fascinated with how he could manipulate his voice.

Scot Motuz




    Scot was a quiet kid but always had a smile on his face. At only three years old his parents learned that Scot had a central auditory processing disorder. As a therapist, his mother Stephanie knew that learning to play music would be very beneficial for Scot. 


    Starting with piano and then violin, Scot eventually showed interest in guitar after some influence from his older brother Kole. Now at the age of 22, with the help of metal music Scot’s hearing has improved beyond what his parents ever expected. 

Rachel Quelch




    Rachel grew up in the country and at just 2 years old, knew how to ride a horse. She and her father, Marshall love to go trail riding, hiking, and cross country skiing. Rachel and her dad love going to concerts together to this day and listen to funk, bluegrass, jazz, and rock & roll together. 


    Rachel also learned to play piano at an early age from her mother, and was enrolled in many different kinds of dance classes such as jazz, and tap. Rachel is extremely passionate about her music and her father can see her hard work when she performs and cannot help but feel extremely proud of the woman she has grown to be. 

Robert Schau


Righteous Fist, Dreams Wake, Defy Us, Immortal Apex


    Robert was an only child but his hyperactive personality kept his parents busy. With this energy he was drawn to playing sports but it also drew him to fast paced music. Robert first played the trombone in band class but couldn’t find a connection to the instrument to keep himself interested. It was in that same band class 10 years ago that he stumbled upon a drum kit and found what he loved doing most.


    Now with his cousin Roger Mouflier, 17 years elder, they write and perform music side by side in a hard rock band, Righteous Fist.

Tomas Ingham


Deterrent, Madeira, Inverted Serenity


    Tomas grew up listening to celtic music and having dance sessions with his parents in the living room on Sundays. His mother, Helen describes Tomas as being a very caring child who was always concerned for other people, and he still is today. 


    Tomas started out his music career by making a deal with his father, Paul, that if Tom could learn Stairway to Heaven on an acoustic guitar, he could have an electric guitar. Tomas continued to take guitar lessons at the age of 12 in school, and would sneak into the band class to play guitar on his own. ​

Benjamin Deveau


Moira, Inverted Serenity


    Benjamin grew up in a very musical household with his parents being musicians themselves. His mom, Kelly, played keyboards and sang in a glam rock band and his dad, Claude, plays bass, currently in Wreckin’ SO.


    With his parents as a musical influence from the start of his life, it was no wonder Benjamin was singing before he could talk and playing drums before he had a kit. Using bowls and plates, Benjamin and his sister, Gabrielle, would assemble their own drum kit in the yard and play for hours. Although Benjamin began to play bass first, he found his true passion in playing drums at the age of 14.

John Duke


Votov, Psychotic Gardening


    John grew up collecting comic books, and at just 12 years old he started listening to heavy music. At 16 he bought his first bass guitar for $100 at Bob’s Music after being influenced by his classmates in junior high who were also listening to death metal. After playing for years in Immortal Posession, John decided to start his family and raise his childen Oden, and Solveig until 2015 when his wife and kids encouraged him to join his metal family again. 


    John loves to take his kids to concerts and gives no limits to what music they can listen to with their dad. John has always made sure his children are able to grow up surrounded with no judgement and encourages all their endeavours. His decision to commit to both music and his family, couldn’t be changed for the world.

Josh Koob


Anomalism, Psychotic Gardening


    Josh grew up in an athletic family and played nearly every sport at one time or another with hockey being his favorite. During middle school he played clarinet in band class but it wasn’t until he discovered metal that he started playing guitar. Josh bought his first guitar at 16 years old and his parents bought him his first amp.


    As metal did for guitar, guitar helped flourish a new passion for Josh and that was audio engineering. Now fully immersed in the metal scene Josh has worked with various local metal musicians in offering video and audio production services.

Cory Thomas


Flash Out, Zombie Assault, Infecter


    Cory was a shy kid, he played soccer and hockey but really enjoyed Tae Kwon Do. Alongside his family, he earned a black belt and had plans of even opening a gym. 


    Cory and his brother, Shaun, took after their father and both learned to play guitar. After taking lessons for both guitar and piano as a kid, Cory soon realized the passion he had for drums at 14 years old. Now with 23 years of drumming under his belt Cory has been on countless tours and continues to bring the best and biggest metal bands to our city.

Tyler Hesford & Brett Hesford




    Tyler and Brett grew up surrounded by their dad’s instruments and equipment. With understanding and open minded parents, they were able to explore many hobbies and were never stopped from enjoying something. Tyler and Brett were able to enjoy and play hockey as teenagers and would listen to metal before going out on the ice. Brett began playing guitar at 15 and Tyler was able to learn bass in band class at the age of 12. Brett was also present during Morris’ short sprint with a metal scene and competed in band battles around rural Manitoba. At very young ages these two loved going to concerts together and still do to this day. After inheriting their dad’s gear, they played two sets as an acoustic punk band with a clothing dryer as the drummer in their basement while on full cycle, and this has escalated to the music they are playing today!

Ryan Forsyth




    Raised by a rock musician himself, Ryan was introduced to guitar by his own father at the age of 11 and has now been playing guitar for 26 years. Ryan shares memories of falling asleep in his childhood home to his Dad’s band playing in the basement and how immediately after recieving his first guitar he dreamed of having a home music studio. Flash forward to the present, Ryan has been a successful audio engineer in the metal community for years and continues to help the community with his services.

    His son, Corbin is passionate towards skateboarding and has many friends who are fans of his Dad’s band not knowing he is the guitarist’s son. Though Corbin is intrigued by hip-hop, Ryan strongly believes in teaching independence, and tolerance for people by not criticizing what his kids are listening to.

Michael Lewis


Cloud Fight


    Michael started playing keyboards at just 5 years old. He had many metal vinyl’s in his parents house that he was not allowed to listen to. Michael’s parents would say the music he was listening to was “just noise” but Michael says that it is the right kind of noise.


    Michael has been playing drums for 28 years. His daughter, Gwynedd is following his father’s footsteps and began playing drums 2 years ago, and  would like to start guitar lessons in near future.

Aaron Bacon


Aphelion, Dizzy Mystics


    Growing up, Aarons uncle, James, was a huge influence musically. When James lived with Aaron and his mother there were always guitars laying around waiting to be played. Even as James moved to a place of his own he  continued to influence Aaron musically. 


    James eventually assembled a jam space in his basement complete with drum riser, PA system and instruments. It was in that jam space that Aaron and James would spend most of their time together alongside other musicians and created countless memories. 

Jonathan Hayward


Dark Messiah


    Jonathan grew up in Osborne Village around the metal community. His mother and father were rockers who loved going to The Zoo and The Windsor before Jonathan was born. His dad, Harvey has always played guitar, he and Jonathan love listening to music and drinking coffee while they catch up. 


    Jonathan bought his own electric guitar at the age of 12, but his first guitar was a beat up acoustic he and his dad refurbished together. They put new strings, new hardware on it and Harvey was able to pass his knowledge down to his son.

Holly Elliot


Quoth The Sun


    Holly grew up as a bubbly and outgoing child who loved animals and nature. Holly’s dad was a touring musician as a drummer and guitar player. On occasion Holly’s dad allowed her to play tambourine in his country band.


    Her three older brothers left a bad impression on their parents when it came to metal music but that didn’t stop Holly from falling in love with Evanesence at 8 years old. Holly listened to that CD until she could emulate the singer perfectly and has now been performing on vocals seriously for 6 years.

James Burton


Endless Chaos


    From an early age James had a certain rebellious mindset when he was told he couldn’t do something. When he was told he couldn’t listen to metal, he did just that and when a friend wouldn’t let him play their drums, he got his own. 


    It wasn’t easy for James to convince his mom that playing drums was something he wanted to take seriously. After seeing James play during a lesson just one time, she was sold. James was able to attend The Los Angeles Music Academy and has now been playing drums for 20 years.





    Trauma grew up around rock and roll being played by his musician father, and was taught that taking care of family alongside a strong bond is extremely important. In grade 7 he discovered metal music that perfectly described the emotions he experiences day in and day out. Having learned to play flute, piano, and bagpipes, he then chose to learn guitar. With this new constructive outlet, he was able to turn his pain into beauty. After learning and understanding the thought and care put into black metal, he was able to share his experiences, and honor his loved ones through song writing. Listening to his father on stage made the dream of being a musician and sharing relief through music and the open expression of strong emotions, a possible reality. 


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